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Official Anytown Wiki


The Player

Main character of the game. <You> live with <Mom/Mel>, <Sis/Sam> and their dog <Oat>. Game starts right after her/his parents get divorced and they moved to grandparents abandoned house one day before the first day of school.


The Mother

The divorced working mother of the two kids <You> and <Sis/Sam>. She is ex-wife of <Dad/Dex>. Game starts right after her divorce, when she left her condo in the city and moved to her old family house in the suburbs of Anytown to cut the expenses and stay away from the bad memories with her ex-husband. She works from home as a writer for a magazine so she could spend more time with her two kids, although she is regularly avoiding to contact with them because she is struggling with her major depression that is still a burden of her isolated life. In weekdays, she wake up early in the morning, she prepare breakfast, drive kids to school (or back home) if they missed the school bus, writing her articles, eat some snack for lunch, prepare the dinner and read a novel before she goes to sleep. Sometimes she visit downtown to make some research about her future articles. In weekends she clean home and very rarely she meet with her two old friends living in the downtown.


The Father

The divorced irresponsible father of <You> and <Sis/Sam>. He is ex-husband of <Mom/Mel>. He has a double sided life: he is a mid aged freelancer man with a fruitless rock singer career at nights. He always dreaming to be a rockstar and regularly changing random jobs with a constant dissatisfaction. He has major addiction problems and rejects rehabilitation. He has weakness against young women which was also the final blow to his marriage. On saturday mornings he make a call to the family. and agreed that, every day of each month he must make a visit or take care of the children. Also every month he must pay for the child support. He is very social, attractive and energetic man with a roller coaster lifestyle, who regularly dismiss his responsibilities as a father.


The Sister

The sister of <You>. She is one year younger than <You>. She like to challenge on every issue for fun. <Sis/Sam> like to keep her life separate with <You>. She love to sing and own a girls band. She feel very connected to <Dad/Dex> and sometimes argues with and blame her for their divorce. She is very social and popular in the school.


The Dog

Energetic dog of with long light gray furs. He regularly needs attention. He has a dog house in the backyard but he like to sleep close to <You>. He is very protective against <You>. He also like to dig holes in the garden and break things in the house.


The Cat

Lazy cat of the old house with short black furs and green eyes. She was found in the house when the family first arrived at town. <Sis/Sam> loved her so much so they decided to keep her. She like to sleep in various places inside the house. Sometimes she mysteriously disappear and return back to house. 

<LIV> & <LEO>

Twins of the Hood

Exotic twin siblings of the neighborhood. Both are beautiful and adorable. Even they are twins, they don't like to stick together. <Liv> is a card player and she is the poisonous queen of EVIL card faction. <Leo> is an asocial kid that make nature walks and interested in photography.


The Neighbour

<Zac> is a middle aged man who travels a lot. He lives in the neighbourhood and has an old treehouse in his backyard that is a legacy from his childhood. When he left the town, kids in town sneak to his backyard to play inside his treehouse. Before <You> moved to town, he made a garage sale that all of the kids in Anytown attended to buy stuff from his childhood especially his famous trading cards. 
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